Tunde Akinsola has more than 20 years of experience focused on improving access to quality education, health, and economic opportunities for low-income children and their families in more than 10 countries. He has extensive experience building partnerships and alliances that cut across traditional divides and has worked in the philanthropic, nonprofit, corporate and public sectors. Akinsola’s experience in organizational development spans from the early start-up process to achieving scale and sustainability. He is passionate about turning great ideas into reality.

Prior to joining Rainbow Gate Foundation, Akinsola served as program director for Education and Learning

with the Almonsour Foundation. In this role, he provided leadership and vision in program conceptualization, design, planning, management, coordination, communication, evaluation, policy, and learning from programming efforts to help vulnerable children and their families thrive. He co-led the New Options for Youth initiative focused on alternative pathways to employment for high school dropouts. In addition, he contributed to the overall strategic direction for the Foundation during a time of significant organizational change. Akinsola obtained his master’s degree in Computer Engineering