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Empowering Young Farmers Initiative (EYFI)

As the Nigerian economy has modernized and become more service-oriented, agriculture has become much less important in spite of the fact that it remains a vital source of employment for the vast majority of Nigerians. The service industry accounts for 29.3% of the GDP, while agriculture accounts for 17.6% of the GDP in 2009. In 1958, agriculture made up 66% of Nigeria's GDP. There is a chronic decline of Nigeria's agricultural sector. The agricultural sector has not kept up with rapid population growth, and Nigeria, once a large net exporter of food, must now import food to meet domestic demand. Through EYFI we aim to revitalize the Nigerian agricultural sector by engaging the much needed human capital to effect change, empowering the untapped youth resource and building local agricultural economy.

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Maternal and Neonatal Health initiative (MNHI)

Having babies in developing nations may be life threatening. Literally every minute, a woman dies from avoidable complications caused by pregnancy – this adds up to approximately half a million fatalities per year. In Nigeria alone, maternal mortality rate reaches up to 3,200 women (number of mothers per 100,000 births dying within 42 days after the childbirth); in Northern Nigeria , particularly in the project target area, this rate is even higher. The maternal mortality rate is even higher in areas where many women have many babies in short time spans under malnutrition, bad hygienically conditions and lacking access to medical treatment. Through MNHI otherwise known as Tomike Health Services, we provide a sustainable and scalable maternal health service for low-income women. Our model provides comprehensive maternity care at a fifth of the cost of other private hospitals. Our network of high-quality, affordable maternity hospitals are located in in peri-urban and rural areas of Nigeria, in the backyards of the women who need them most. We provide respectful patient centered obstetric care, safe delivery, family planning, and postnatal care.

For many girls, access and use of ICT remains a huge challenge. Gender discrimination, lack of confidence, language barrier, low literacy, lack of time and money, restricted mobility due to cultural factors or safety often prevent girls from taking advantage of ICT.

RGFN operates T4Girls as educational programs that provides networking, entrepreneurship and professional development opportunities for women and girls, through technology. We educate, inspire and equip young people, especially girls to pursue and retain careers in STEM, while embracing the emerging tech market as inventors and innovators. The projects mission is to use Technology for socio-economic empowerment of the Nigerian Woman and Girl Child.

Technovation For Girls (T4Girls)

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Job Creation through Agricultural empowerment programmes.


Women and girls empowerment through technology.


Community empowerment access quality heath care services.